UNA LINGUA NUMQUAM SATIS EST: Learning Latin at Potchefstroom

Here are the ancient languages I have learned so far (not counting the modern languages):

  1. Biblical Hebrew (8 semesters at the University of Sydney, with background knowledge of inscriptional Hebrew, Dead Sea Scrolls Hebrew, and Mishnaic Hebrew)
  2. Biblical Aramaic (6 semesters ar the University of Sydney, with background knowledge of inscriptional Aramaic)
  3. Akkadian (3 semesters at Georg-August-Universität Göttingen)
  4. New Testament Greek (2 semesters at the University of Sydney + vacation intensive course at Georg-August-Universität Göttingen)
  5. Classical Greek (1 semester, Graecum at Georg-August-Universität Göttingen)

Note: Certificates obtained from the above language courses can be sent to the relevant authority upon request.

Now I am picking up Latin at Potchefstroom! We are using Oxford Latin Course as our textbook. Further review exercises can be found on this really helpful website: http://www.umsl.edu/~phillipsm/oldrills/


Photo courtesy of alibris

By the way, do you know that more than 50% of modern English words are built on Latin? The grammar structure of German and Greek bears great resemblances to that of Latin; French, Italian, Portugese, and Spanish find their roots in Latin. European languages can be so utterly connected! 😉

language family tree_cropped

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Announcement: A Job Seeker

After the defense, I will also be officially unemployed (graduation = unemployment?)

Therefore, if you are a potential employer or you know of any temporary research or teaching opportunities, please don’t hesitate to contact me at qtcoconut@hotmail.com (I know this email address sounds a bit funny, but this is the mailbox I check most often ;p)

For your deliberation, I will tell you a bit about myself. And you can also ask me for my CV and other relevant documents. My bachelor, honours and PhD are all related to the Bible (Old Testament/Hebrew Bible) and its related languages (mainly Semitic languages – e.g. Hebrew, Aramaic, Akkadian). I am interested in any jobs related to the Bible.


Of course, my dream or goal is to go back to Asia with my fiance, to teach and live there. But, right now, I think I still need to accumulate some work experience for another four or five years in other parts of the world.


For a teaching position, I am willing to teach anywhere for a limited time span. So you can count me in if you know of any job from the North Pole to Antarctica.

For a research position, I hope to gain access to great library facility.

And the good news is that I don’t have any salary requirements. But I do at least expect my travel  expenses and accommodation to be covered if there is no salary. If I get a salary, then I can take care of the travelling and the accommodation by myself.

Personal Information:

I am engaged to a boy. But I also love what I have been studying. And I want to have my own career in the future. My fiance is sweet enough to be totally supportive of it. So I will be a reliable employee for you.

That’s all from me for now. Again, if you are a potential employer, please feel free to email me (qtcoconut@hotmail.com). I can provide you with other relevant information about my qualifications. You can also check out my other blog articles to get to know me a bit more. Thank you very much for your kind attention.

A photo from last world cup? Taken from http://centralpasoccer.com/files/2010/10/mueller-goal-wc.jpg

A photo from the previous world cup? Taken from http://centralpasoccer.com/files/2010/10/mueller-goal-wc.jpg

Right now, it is the World Cup fever. May we all acheive our goals and dreams in life 😉