Italy: My Very Own Roman Holiday

For me, Rome and the Vatican are history books coming alive. Every rock and square and house seems to tell a story of its own. Four or five days are needed just to explore some parts of the cities in detail. My friend and I went backpacking there at the end of March 2012. Here are some snippets of our adventure that I’d love to share with you. Hope this will be helpful for you to plan your own Roman Holiday as well.

The guidebook we used during the journey was Rome and the Vatican: Discover the Archaeology, Monuments and Churches of Rome (Edizioni Lozzi Roma S.A.S.). We bought this book in Rome when we realized that it’s impossible to fathom this city without a guidebook. Most of the information written below is taken from this guidebook. Of course, I also find the information in Lonely Planet very useful.

Here is a map of the Eternal City, with the famous Colosseum down at the bottom.

Rome City Map

Rome City Map

1. The immense Colosseum or “Flavian Amphitheater” was built by Emperor Vespasian in 72 A.D. and was inaugurated by his son Titus in 30 A.D. (more…)