Reviews: Three More Comments on My First Book


Prof. John Strong has kindly reviewed my first book on Review of Biblical Literature. If you have read my monograph entitled Mapping Judah’s Fate in Ezekiel’s Oracles against the Nations, you would know that I have cited and discussed his 1993 PhD dissertation entitled “Ezekiel’s Oracles against the Nations within the Context of His Message” (more…)

Austria: Salzburg Carnival/Salzburger Fasnacht

The European history never ceases to surprise me. Based on the information presented at the museum of Schloss Hellbrunn. I found out how some 17th century Europeans entertained themselves with their animals. (more…)

Anecdote: Gog on the Plane


N/B: This photo was not taken from this trip. It was from my 2008 trip to Turkey.

During my previous flight to Europe, a friendly neighbour on the plane struck up a conversation with me. We exchanged some polite chitchat, then she asked me: “So what are you doing in South Africa?” (more…)

Austria: A Wonderful Summer School in Salzburg

Prof. Kristin De Troyer held a fantastic summer school on the Hebrew and Greek manuscripts of Esther at the theological faculty of the University of Salzburg between the 3rd and 7th of July, 2017. I consider myself luckly to have been selected as one of the eleven participants from around the world. A knowledgeable teacher who gave her very best in the class and friendly colleagues who treated each other as equal partners really made my learning of the biblical manuscripts overwhelmingly enjoyable!

Here are some of the memorable moments:

1. Huge smiles at the camera before the hearty dinner sponsored by the University of Salzburg (Photo courtesy of Prof. Kristin De Troyer)


2. Stunning view from our elegant accommodation in Haus St. Benedikt (more…)

Austria: Suffocatingly Beautiful Vienna

When I first arrived in Germany, I couldn’t even utter a German sound. There was this friendly chap, who could speak fluent German, and didn’t mind to teach me that difficult language. Subsequently, he even invited a Cambodian friend and me to stay at his friend’s place in Vienna. This was how I ended up visiting this beautiful city in Austria over the weekend (02.09.2010 -06.09.2010) ~~

To give you an orientation of Vienna, here is a map of the city, which I tore off from the local tour magazine. As you can (probably) see, the famous Schloss Schönbrunn is at the south east corner outside the inner city (see the small zoom-out map at the bottom right hand corner), while the Riesenrad is in the north east, on the other side of the Danube Canal (Donaucanal, colored as blue in the map) :

The Map of Vienna: The photo is a bit blurred, but hope that you can make out the general contour of the city

The Map of Vienna: The photo is a bit blurred, but hope that you can make out the general contour of the city

Two full days are enough to tour around the important sights in Vienna. (more…)