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Interview: E2studio’s Dialogue with Biblical Scholar Prof. Archie Lee

E2studio did a recent interview [in Chinese Mandarin] with Prof. Archie Lee, a biblical scholar based at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and Shangdong University, who has devoted his academic career to bringing the Hebrew Bible into dialogue with the Chinese literature. 有理想和行动力的人挺酷的!😎

Presentation: “The Dynamic Textual History of the Hebrew Bible” at Fudan University, Shanghai, People’s Republic of China


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I was overjoyed to receive an invitation to give a small presentation at the Department of History at Fudan University in Shanghai! I spoke on the “Dynamic Textual History of the Hebrew Bible” (《希伯来圣经》的文本流传与历史变迁) on 08.05.2018. (more…)

Resource: Biographical Dictionary of Chinese Christianity



Christianity has evolved beyond Acts of the Apostles, not only taking root in the West, but also spreading to the East. When I was a child, I often heard the adults cite the following saying from Hudson Taylor, the nineteenth century British Christian missionary to China (1832-1905): “If I had a thousand pounds, China should have it – if I had a thousand lives, China should have them. No! Not China, but Christ. Can we do too much for Him?” (more…)

China: Nanjing! Nanjing!

Very early in the morning,
on the National Day of the People’s Republic of China (01.10.2014),
I stood in front of the giant cross outside the Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall and looked up at the date inscribed on the cross: 1937.12.13-1938.1. The date represented the first six weeks of the Japanese occupation of Nanjing.


The Cross (photo courtesy of my dad)

Just beside the cross, there was this number “300 000” that glared defiantly at me under the sun. This is a rough estimation of the number of people killed over the six weeks by the Japanese Imperial Army. (more…)

Recipe: 炸酱面





  • 猪绞肉 300g
  • 八角 2个
  • 酱油 4大匙
  • 豆瓣酱 3大匙
  • 绍兴酒 2大匙
  • 甜面酱 3大匙
  • 青葱2支
  • 蒜头 3瓣
  • 姜 几片
  • 黄砂糖 40克
  • 黄瓜丝


  1. 油炸八角
  2. 加入猪绞肉,炸至变色
  3. 把其他调料加入炸
  4. 就可以下面,陪黄瓜丝吃。