Article: ‘You Were the (Divine) Cherub’: A Potential Challenge to YHWH’s Sole Divinity in Ezekiel 28:14

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My article entitled “‘You Were the (Divine) Cherub’: A Potential Challenge to Yhwh’s Sole Divinity in Ezek 28.14” is now published in the Journal for the Study of the Old Testament 41/1 (UK-based)! I cannot express enough thanks to Dr. Carla Sulzbach, who has always been so kind and ready to proofread and comment on my papers. This article cannot come to fruition without her encouragements! Thank you very much, Carla!

If you have the subscription of the journal, feel free to download it from the official journal website:

Otherwise, you can just go to my to download the article:

Here is the abstract:

According to the Masoretic vocalizations, Ezek. 28.14 directly identifies the king of Tyre as ‘the anointed covering cherub’. Hector Patmore has recently suggested that the Masoretic vocalizations and accentuation produce an awkward reading of the verse, and that the Hebrew consonantal text does not perceive the Tyrian king as a cherub but a god. This article undertakes a two-fold examination of this controversial verse. First, it contends on syntactical grounds that the Masoretic identification of the Tyrian king with the cherub renders an intelligible reading of the consonantal text. Second, it suggests that the Masoretic presentation of the Tyrian king as a cherub is conceptually compatible with Patmore’s argument for the divinity of the Tyrian king in Ezek. 28.14. By comparing the Tyrian king to a cherub, the verse extols the Tyrian king to a nearly, if not fully, divine status, which potentially challenges the sole divinity of Yhwh.



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