News: Die großartige Antwort von Angela Merkel auf die Islam-Angst eines besorgten Bürgers

“Gegen terroristische Gefahren muss man sich wappnen und ansonsten ist die europäische Geschichte so reich an dramatischen und gruseligen Auseinandersetzungen, dass wir sehr vorsichtig sein sollten, uns sofort zu beklagen, wenn woanders was Schlimmes passiert. Wir haben überhaupt keinen Grund zu größerem Hochmut, muss ich sagen. Das sage ich jetzt als deutsche Bundeskanzlerin.”

At the University of Bern in Switzerland, one German-speaking lady asked Angela Merkel if the influx of refugees would bring about the threat of Islam to the Judeo-Christian root of Europe.

Let me attempt to summarize Merkel’s amazing response.

First, Merkel pointed out that Europe is also responsible in contributing some of the ISIS fighters in the Middle East, so “wir können nicht so tun, als ob uns das nichts angeht.”

Second, we must guard against the terrorist attacks, but fear is not the solution to protect a society or culture.

Third, can we really exclude the 4 million Muslims who have already resided peacefully in Germany for a long time and relegate them to social pariahs just because of their faith? What we Christians must do in a free society is to get to know our faith better, and not just whine about why the Muslims know their Koran better. We have to be brave enough to embrace our own faith, and then we can be brave enough to enter into dialogues with the others from different faith systems.

I love her conclusion:

Of course we must attempt to fight against terrorism, but the European history is already so full of dramatic and gruesome confrontations, so that we must be very careful not to jump to an immediate complaint about the terrible things happening in any other places. That means, we must try to overcome the bad things, but we have no reason for a greater pride. This is what I say as the German chancellor.

From what I have heard from others so far, Angela Merkel is pretty awesome! 🙂

For a fuller report of this occasion, see Huffingtonpost:

Or you can read it in Katholische Nachrichten:

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