Workshop: Conference Presentation: Engaging the Listener in Your Talk

Thanks to one friendly colleague, I was able to take part in this really cool workshop held at my university about conference presentation on 6./7. May 2013! (You can check out the link of this event here:

These are basically what we did during the two intensive days of training:

1.Learning to “hook” the audience’s attention with language (necessary if we need to speak and talk about a paper at all), structure (important so that the audience is not lost in jumble of words), voice pitch (useful when we want to startle somebody from the audience seat who has just fallen asleep) and body language (that’s when the speaker proves himself/herself to be present with the audience not only spiritually but also physically)

2. Watching TED talks and feeling like a star with each of our 5-mins talks videotaped twice (“before the training” vs. “after the training”)

3. Giving and receiving heartwarming and constructive feedback from the dynamic, humorous trainer (ex-dancer/actor!) as well as the awesomely fun and kind participants from diverse disciplinary fields.

I would like to do an experiment to check if I have really learned something from the past two days about the delivery of a read paper. Therefore, in my next post, I will write a brief overview of the paper I presented at the DoKo last Friday (03.05.2013). Then you could tell me if I succeed to hook your attention (^.^) or to get you fallen asleep (>.<) …


Cherry blossom 2013 @ University of Göttingen

About Lydia Lee liber noster orbis terrarum est; in eo lego completum, quod in libro dei lego promissum.

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