Presentation: Göttingen-Lausanne Graduate Meeting


Recently attended an awesomely-packed graduate meeting in Lausanne!

Here were some of the highlights:

– We visited the glyptic collections in Fribourg University, Switzerland. At the end, all of us were given the opportunity to buy some books in the OBO (Orbis Biblicus et Orientalis) Series at a really cheap price (up to 90% discount, the first book was free)

– We had to present, listen to, and comment on different papers. There was only 5-hour sleep per night (I usually need 10 hour sleep)! Still, I quite enjoyed that existential feeling — ‘I talk, therefore I exist’

– Dinner conversations in French, German and English while the Euro Football match (Germany vs. Greece) was on. I wondered if the world was always that small and hybrid…

– BBQ at one professor’s home (now I really believe in the Swiss hospitality). We drank the aperol on a balcony that overlooked Lake Geneva under the glow of the sunset! C’est la vie!

– We strolled along Léman beach, jumped into the sapphire-like water and bathed under the sun! Well, I am not a good swimmer, when I jumped into the water, my colleague just accompanied me anxiously as I swam bravely back to the shore..wahaha xD

To describe all the above experience in one phrase: C’est magnifique! 🙂


This was where I jumped into the water! Not from the tall springing board. There was a lower springing board just beside the taller one..THAT was where I jumped from ;p


About Lydia Lee liber noster orbis terrarum est; in eo lego completum, quod in libro dei lego promissum.

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