Germany: Walpurgisnacht im Harz

On 30.04.2010, the international student office at our university organized a trip to Bad Grund, on the Harz mountains, in order to catch a glimpse at the celebration of the Walpurgisnacht. This was traditionally the night when witches gathered together and await the arrival of spring.

A witch puppet

Along the way, we could find the witch puppet in front of the house

Another witch on the lamp post

Another witch puppet on the lamp post

Little Witches

Even little kids were dressed up as little witches


Here came the witches


A kind of devil?

Up to the mountain

We followed the crowd into the shadowy forest, and were supposed to arrive at a place where a play about the witches was taking place.

open-air theatre

The open-air theatre was just underneath this huge rock

witches and fairies

The witches and fairies were on stage

Group photo

A group photo

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