Recipe: Prawns Saganaki from “Master Chef”

I prepared this dish for the guests of my parents~
1. Split the prawns (must be fresh), wipe off dirty stuff.
2. Stuff in sliced garlic, chili, salt, olive oil, coriander.
3. Marinate for a couple of hours in fridge.
4. Put lots of olive oil, heat the pan.
5. Put the prawns with belly down until they turn golden brown. Flip (2 mins).
6. Put fresh small tomatoes adn salt in the pan, sizzle.
7. Put into the oven for 2, 3 mins.

8. Put fetta, parsley, olive oil (a little), salt and coriander.

About Lydia Lee liber noster orbis terrarum est; in eo lego completum, quod in libro dei lego promissum.

5 thoughts on “Recipe: Prawns Saganaki from “Master Chef”

  1. Thank you so much for your compliments!!! I would love to bring some on Sunday but this dish turns cold easily and will not be tasty when it arrives in the church. I plan to prepare another dish for the 爱宴 on Sunday. So 拭目以待 lar ~~~

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